Latina Leaders Around the Country Decided to Regain Latino Power

— A National Conversation with Latina Leaders from Florida, California, Texas, Washington DC, and New York discuss Latinx Essential Workers Dying of COVID-19, Incarceration of Undocumented Children and Financial Assistance to Families and Businesses —

NEW YORK, NY - October 13, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - A complete lineup of speakers from around the country has been announced for the “REGAIN OUR LATINO POWER – A National Conversation with Latina Leaders” virtual event to start this coming Friday October 16, 2020 from 12pm to 2pm EST and continue on October 23, 2020 - same times. The free virtual event’s goal is to energize the Latinx vote around the country, organized by Latinas in Business Inc.

“We are living unprecedented times. In the next few weeks, our country is going to encounter its final destiny. We have heard the expression “This is the Election of our Lifetime” and this one really is, especially for the Latinx community. We have seen with disenchantment how little 32 million votes and Latinx issues are being discussed on the Presidential Campaign, now consumed with the pandemic, the economic crisis and the Supreme Court Seat Nomination,” said Susana G Baumann, Founder President and CEO of Latinas in Business Inc.

Speakers such as the National President of Hispanic Visiting Nurse Association, Alana Cueto, MSN, RN, CNL, Fellow, New York Academy of Medicine; Dr Jazmin Freddi, MD, MBA, MHA, President Founder of Latinas in Global Health, and President, UN Women USA Miami Chapter; Leidy Perez-Davis, Esq., Senior Attorney for Special Programs; Maria Santiago-Valentin, a Child Study Team LDTC, Behavior Analysis Technician (BAT), Mindfulness Educator, Doctoral Candidate of Education at Walden University, and founder of Atlantic Climate Justice; and Selina Sosa, Texas powerhouse and Founder, Ethnic Perspective, will provide information about important topics.

Additional speakers from American immigration Council; American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA); MANA, A Latina Organization; the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley; and The NYC LGBTQS Chamber of Commerce Inc. will be presenting on October 23, 2020.

  1. COVID-19 AND ESSENTIAL WORKERS: More protection for Latinxs frontline workers in factories and farms dying of COVID-19; more testing, sick-time leave and protection equipment.

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  1. INCARCERATION OF UNDOCUMENTED CHILDREN: We demand the immediate freedom of ALL immigrant children held at deportation facilities where COVID-19 has been detected. They are victims of abuse and neglect; their lives are in our hands, and they are OUR children!

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  1. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR FAMILIES: We request additional financial assistance for families who lost their jobs by no fault of their own; both parties are dragging their feet in approving funding to help families with essential needs.

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Cristy Marrero, Editor-in-Chief, The Americano and Floricuas, will do Closing Remarks: “Regain Latino Power with Our Vote!” a call to action to continue to energize the Latino vote until November 3rd.

“We are calling YOU to regain our power, our Latino power, by sharing this information with friends and family, and help understand how important it is to get out the Latinx Vote in this election,” Baumann stated.

“As mothers, daughters, sisters, most of us carry the burden of our families, looking after our children, caregiving for our families and relatives, and making sure everyone has a roof over their head and food on their table. Now, we call you to step up and regain the power for our Latinx community,” Baumann concluded. “Sisters, Yes We can! Sí se puede!”

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